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Lego Party – Everything was Awesome

For his 4th birthday, J wanted a LEGO party. 

There were plenty of great Pinterest pages and links for Lego themed decorations, games, food and cakes. 

This is what we came up with.   Party Details

We kept the guest list small and only invited three friends. Being the first time inviting just friends to his party, the small number worked well for us. The guests were all between 2.5 and 4 years old.  

We kept with the primary LEGO color scheme. Each guest was assigned a color which carried through the games, lunch and cake.  
As guests arrived they colored LEGO coloring sheets we printed out. 

Once everyone had arrived we gathered outside to play Find the LEGO. I had made large LEGO pieces out of card stock (rectangle with two circles) in each of the four colors, and hung them around the backyard. Each guest had to find all of the LEGO in their color.   This game worked really well as the kids got to run around and help each other find their colors.  When each guest found all their LEGO, they got a few M&Ms in their color as a prize.  We then used the LEGO pieces as a runner on the table which was decorated with green wrapping paper and yellow square plates from the dollar store.   The water bottles were .45 at Michaels and were given to each guest for the party and to take home in their loot bags.   

The next game was Pin the Number on the LEGO Racer. Pretty self explanatory. The racer is made life sized out of Bristol board and the numbers are card stock.   This game wasn’t as popular as others but the LEGO Racer made a nice decoration in the yard. 

After lunch we had each guest open a LEGO brick containing a LEGO race car. These were also the favors for the kids. $6.99 for a game and favor was a reasonable price for us.   We packaged them in mini foil tins and wrapped them in each guests color. Two card stock circles made each box look like a LEGO piece.  Now for the fun part. We made a race track by cutting evestroughs in half and scewing them together. We had little race flags and ribbon left over from the Race Car Birthday which we put at the end for a finish line. This game was a huge success. J still plays with the track now.     The final game was a LEGO punch box.   Again we used it as a decoration until it was time to play. Each color section had the same two prizes for the kids to punch for so everything was fair. One hole had a sponge ball and the other had a baggy of random LEGO. I bought a 200 piece set and just divided it up. 

We made the punch box out of a cardboard box. I measured the holes and cut them with an exacto knife. The prizes were in mini tins (same as above for the cars) and taped inside the box. We put tissue over the holes with tape and spray glued Bristol board to the outside. It took a couple of nights after work to finish it just because of all the measuring and cutting of the box and the Bristol board, but we were super happy with how it turned out and the kids loved it.  Food and Cake

With only kids at the party we kept the food super easy. LEGO pizza and square LEGO cupcakes.   We made the pizza in sheet pans so we could make the rectangle pieces. It was quick and easy. We served it with veggies and dip and fruit.   The cupcakes were a huge success. I bought a square cupcake tin and used regular sized round papers. They turned out perfectly. I didn’t like the taste of the colored icing so I only did one in each color with M&M tops and the rest in white with melting chocolate tops.     I included the close ups because I spent a lot of time looking for square papers and posts about if the rounds ones would work. I got these results. Filling them less than 3/4 full made them flatter on top. 

We also did LEGO rice crispy treats in the loot bags with the left over colored icing and m&ms.  Again easy easy.   We decorated the little kids bathroom with LEGO soap. It didn’t work well as the pieces sunk quickly, 

but J loved helping so we kept it.   Overall we think the party was a huge success. All the kids had a great time, I wasn’t stressed, lots can be used again and J said it was the best party ever. What more can a mom ask for. 


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