Wool Wreath Anthropologie DIY -Update


This year we were looking for something new to add to our outdoor holiday decor. I stumbled across this beautiful fluffed wool wreath by Anthropologie.

I loved the warm natural look of the wreath and thought it would look great on out dark wood door with our warm white lights. I decided to try and make it myself to save a bit of money.

I found this great unspun wool at Michaels and thought it would be perfect. See update below.


I made individual pom poms with the finger method rather than fuss with a machine or cardboard template.

I simply wrapped the yarn around my first three fingers and slipped a smaller piece between the fingers to tie around the loops. Pre cutting the smaller pieces was a huge help when working with fingers full of yarn.


Once the loops were tied tight I just cut the loops.



To get the fluffy look for the pom poms like on the inspiration wreath I just rolled the balls in my palms, and trimmed off any longer pieces.


Once all the pom poms were done I looped thread through the pom poms and tied them all around the wreath. I found it worked well to do a row Round the outside and a row on the inside then fill in the main part.


At less than half the price of the inspiration I think it turned out really well.


Update: I have received a number of questions regarding the yarn. I found I got the best look alike results by using and unspun linked yarn. It made pom poms that were more fluffy than made with traditional spun yarn. As for amount I used just under four skeins of the Paton Cobbled which is 37m or 41 yards per skein. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will respond or post further updates.


2 thoughts on “Wool Wreath Anthropologie DIY -Update

    1. Four large skeins with about a quarter of one left over. See the updated post regarding the amount and other questions on the yard.

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