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Car Cake

It is hubbys birthday on Sunday.  Last year I surprised him with a special cake.  I used the William Sonoma Winter Wonderland Car Cake pan.  I am not sure why it is called the winter wonderland pan when it is really just eight small cars. Last year I made the cars and a hilly road scene, so it looked like the cars were driving on a road.

Hubby's Birthday 2008

For the road I mixed jimmies and black sugar and lined it with chocolate covered raisins, which looked like rocks.  To decorate the cars I used Wilton Gel Tubes and Wilton Mist Spray.  The spray gave good coverage, but made a mess.  If you spray too close it makes the cake really wet and almost makes holes. I found the icing did not dry as quickly as I would have liked, as it tended to slide.   This was my first attempt at decorating, so I likely made some mistakes.  Perhaps the care was not cool enough, or the icing was too warm.  The wheels and lights were sour rings and fruit pieces.

Hubby asked for the car cake again this year but I wanted to try something different.

Hubby's Birthday 2009
Hubby's Birthday 2009

I filled the golden layer cake with lemon curd, one of Hubby’s favorites.  The cars are lemon cake.  Since the cars don’t get much icing, I think they are better with a flavored cake.  I tried chocolate, but the details on the cars do not come out as well as with a lighter cake.   I found that the cars stuck ALOT this time, and were hard to get out of the pan.  I am not sure if the car is too soft, or if I am not flouring the pan enough.

I think that the cars look better with less decorating.  I used the sour candies again for the wheels, and I think it turned out well.  The ‘rocks’ are candied ginger.  Over all I think it turned out okay.



One thought on “Car Cake

  1. Wow, those cakes are awesome! We had a Pear Frangipane Tart for my birthday dessert. Which I made… It was good though!

    Hope you have a good weekend. Well done again!

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