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Cupcake Cake

Do I make a cake or cupcakes…cake or cupcakes…cake or cupcakes?


I used the Wilton Cupcake Pan.  It comes with full instructions and decorating ideas, including which icing tips to use for various designs.  The instructions say 30 – 40 min, but mine needed way more time.  I used vanilla butter cream for the bottom, and chocolate butter cream for the top.  My other thought was to tint vanilla a light pastel to match those store bought wrappers, but the cake recipient is not really a pastel kinda gal.  The piping is not great; I think the icing was way too soft, but in a pinch, it worked.

I also looked at the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan, but I could not figure out how I would transport the cake once done, and was not sure how to decorate it without having to use fondant.  Maybe next time, when I am feeling more adventurous.

I would really like to take a cake decorating class.  There are Wilton classes everywhere, Michaels, CookShop, etc.  The Wilton course is four parts, and covers basics in butter cream, flowers, piping and fondant, and is relitively inexpensive.  There is also a great class at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, offered through their short programs.  In a month you get an indept class in special occasion cakes, then could take the  follow up course in Wedding Cakes, which has more fondant and gum paste instructions.  The PICA class is more expensive, but I think it would be much more inclusive and advanced.

The cupcake was a good practice for the upcoming Car Cake I make for hubby’s birthday. Yes, hubby, not a 12 year old.


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