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Gluten Free Cookies

Firstly, let me caveat this by saying I am not a hippy.  There is nothing wrong with loving the earth, spirituality and peace, and I wish I could be as devoted to a cause, but I am not a hippy.

Not to get too into it, but I have been experimenting with various food diets, in attempts to identify a food sensitivity.  This weekend was the beginning of Gluten Free.

I found this great cookbook, at Baynan Books, that not only addressed the Gluten free part, but other issues as well.  Babycakes NYC, is a vegan bakery that caters to various food sensitivities and choices.  As I am only looking to eliminate Gluten, and love steak too much to be vegan, the vegan aspect of the cookbook was not relevant to me per say.  However the instructions in the book were to be followed exactly, otherwise tastiness could not be guaranteed.  So I followed the piper.

On the weekend I trotted off to various gourmet shops including  Choices to pick up a list of things I frankly had never heard of, Agave Necter, Coconut Oil, Xantan Gum and lots of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flours.


I made an attempt at the Babycakes Chocolate Chip Cookies, and while they started off good I ended up with more of an Cookie Crepe. I have no idea what happened, but it tastes okay.  There is a bit of an after taste that I think might be the Flax, but generally there were decent, flat, somewhat oily cookies.


We also tried the Pamela’s Waffle Mix, which was amazing.  You would never be able to tell the difference.

This week will be filled with many new food adventures. Perhaps I will list the good the bad and the ugly at the end of the week, in case anyone is interested.


3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cookies

  1. Hmmm, gluten free, eh? That’s a tough one to get started on, though all accounts I’ve heard (from a number of friends- some with Celiac’s disease, some with Crohn’s disease and some who just want to hop on the GF bandwagon) are that once you get rolling it’s really not that hard to keep going. One of my girlfriends at work has gone GF and it’s helped kick start her thyroid back into action. Strange, eh?

    Anyway, all that to say that yes, by all means keep the blog posted on the GF progress! Let me know if you want some more recipes or anything. I’ll get onto my friends about sending me some of the ones they really like.

    Good luck! I guess no more BBQ pizzas for the time being though, eh? 😉

    S xx

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