Make Things

Why the Badge Girl

Wondering where Badge Girl came from?

Four years ago, I came across a book titled You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-up Girls. It is byLauren Catuzzi Grandcolas who was killed in September 11, 2001.  The book is made to inspire and “kick you in the pants” to try new things.  Each chapter  or ‘badge’, gives you step by step instructions to complete the task at hand, and provides advice from successful women experts.

The first badge I tried was knitting.  I bought a book and taught myself to knit, with some helpful pointers from friends and family of course.  I became knitting crazy.

My first project was simple, but not too bad.

Since then I have completed many more badges, some more interesting (horseback riding) than others (budgets).  I took on sewing, with some disasterous results, but after Crafting Santa brought me a sewing machine, I was on my way.  I try to keep up on doing new badges, but have gotten somewhat stuck in the crafty / creative ones.  They are more fun than ‘Oraganize it’ or ‘Triatalon’ or ‘ Financial planning and savings’.

Besides what crafter has time to organize, run or save.


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