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Lace bodice onesie

The onesie is done.  I was undecided on how to embellish it. An applique, rosettes, ruffles?  I finally decided on this!IMG_0317

Over at Happy Together are some great inspirations and tutorials.  I used the Ruffles and Rosettes tutorial which shows five rows of ruffles, but on a 18mo onesie it was a tad overwhelming, so I opted for three. Followed the  instructions to make the ruffles and stitched them on.

Rather than jersey I used but used some of Granny T’s old lace. I have a box of old Ric Rack and lace from my Granny T, it still has that Granny smell, and since it is vintage, the lace work is amazing.

Total time 30 min. What a great way to customize a super cheap onesie.

So the shrug and onesie are done and ready for delivery to Zoe’s mum tomorrow.


A very successful crafty weekend.  Bring on the sunshine!


2 thoughts on “Lace bodice onesie

  1. Great new site! Great look! And very very cute onesie/shrug combo. I’m still working on getting a craft room together, as you know, so I know all too well the frustrations of having to clear off the dining room table.

    Now you’re making me want to update my blog and go and create!

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