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Relaxation and Inspiration

To escape the heat, I took a long weekend trip to Whistler with hubby.  Nothing beats relaxing by the pool at the Four Seasons, frozen drinks, and great crafting inspiration.

Every Sunday from late June to Thanksgiving, the Upper Village is host to Whistler’s Farmers Market.  In addition to great organic fruits and veggies, there is local artist, jewelery and most importantly YARN!  Impulse of Delight sells hand dyed yarn, and jewelery.  Last year I bought Mystic Mushroom, and loved it.  The colorways are inspired by nature, and are amazing.  This year I bought, some Bluefaced Leicester in Sun Dappled, Blooming Heather and Guinevere.  I can’t wait to pick patterns.

I was also inspired by some of the creative children’s clothing vendors.  Great, modern silk screening, chic onesies and colorful bags.  I see some sewing in my future.

I was telling hubby about all the kids things I had seen, and he was reminded of how his mum had made almost everything he and his sister wore when they were young.  Hippos to identify his stuff and Giraffes for his sisters.  I remember hand made bloomers, dresses, underwear, dolls clothes and sweaters from Granny T.

Some say the craft movement is dying, but in Whistlers Upper Village it seems to be going stong.  A must do on your next trip to Whistler.


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