Make Things

Put the Lemon in Da Coconut

lemonsI am going to a BBQ tomorrow to see friends from New York.  I was asked to bring dessert.  Fruit salad was already taken, and really that is not even dessert.  Brownies were also taken, but as a self professed master baker, I feel brownies are a cop out for me.  I decided on my grandmothers lemon squares.  They have this amazing graham cracker and coconut bottom crust and top crumble with from scratch lemon filling.

Off the the store to get some ingredients. However, by the time I get home, the recipe is missing.  Some lucky person at the store is going to find a gem of a recipe in the freezer section. I could call my mom, but she is at the lake, and 3 time zones away.  I figure, as a master baker, I can figure it out.  Graham cracker crumbs, flour, butter, sugar, salt, mix…looks right.  Lemon juice, yokes, butter, water, sugar, cook…looks right. I think I may have just recreated my grandmothers recipe from memory.   I will let you know if any at the BBQ tomorrow disagrees.

To get you in the spirit to make something with citrus!


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